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The previous recommendations by the American Cancer Society (ACS) set guidelines for a mandatory Colorectal cancer screening age at 50 for most men and women. That number has been changed to age 45.

American Cancer Society (ACS) – Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer Screening

Colonoscopy is one method for testing for colorectal cancer
Colonoscopy is one method for testing for colorectal cancer

The US Multi-Society Task Force (MSTF) on Colorectal Cancer is the leading group representing the interests of researchers and doctors dealing on the front-lines with colorectal cancer. The MSTF made new recommendations by modeling on studies where data indicated the incidence of colorectal cancer in younger people is on the rise. The evidence supports lowering the screening age to 45 to improve prevention and early detection for patients.

Cancer Signs may begin well before the age of 45. Get Tested sooner rather than later.
Cancer signs may begin well before the age of 45. Ask your gastroenterologist if you should be tested.

Recent studies have shifted doctors’ emphasis on when to recommend screenings for adults of normal health, lowering the age to 45 years old. However, for certain at-risk patients screenings should occur much earlier.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) published these new guidelines for the colorectal cancer screening age. They now recommend adults at average risk get screened for colon and rectal cancer beginging at 45 instead of 50.

Perhaps most alarming in their studies is their note that colorectal cancers are increasing in Americans down to the age of 20 years old. However, the data says the largest rate of increase in instances of cancer may be addressed by screening around 45 years old. Notably, rectal bleeding and unexplained iron deficiency anemia have substantial predicative value for colorectal cancer and should be evaluated by a colorectal doctor.

Get a colonoscopy for colorectal cancer screening

Colorectal cancer screening age factors are influenced by a patients’ medical histories as well as family histories with cancer. Having a screening earlier in life is always preferable to waiting.

Mandatory Cancer Screening Age 45
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